Why Bakken Jobs Guide Will Help You Get A Great Job In The North Dakota Oil Boom

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Click the picture for North Dakota Oil Jobs

If you want to find a great job in the oil fields of North Dakota, you’re in the right place.

If you’re not finding a good job where you are living now, North Dakota is the right place to be looking.


Here’s the deal:

There are over 15,000 unfilled job ads in North Dakota right now!

It is estimated that an additional 2,000 new wells will be drilled in 2012.  That is in addition to the 6,000 wells currently operating or soon to be operating when they are completed in the near future.


Stay where you are, or Go to North Dakota now!

Should you jump in your car and drive out to North Dakota and start knocking on doors or can you stay at home sleeping in your own bed and apply online and get a job?  This is the

first big question you need to decide on if you are serious in getting a job in North Dakota. Are you confused about which is the best strategy for you?


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Can you find a place to live in North Dakota?

If you have been looking into working in North Dakota you already know that finding a place to live is very challenging this year in Williston and the other towns in oil patch.  What is the best strategy then for you to find housing and a job in North Dakota this year? Do any employers offer housing or a per Diem that makes housing affordable?


Are you worried about finding a place to live when you come to North Dakota to find work?


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What Other People Say About Bakken Jobs Guide

“Your counsel and coaching was invaluable in my job search Jeffrey” – Randal L., Williston, North Dakota, New Hire with Top Three Oil Field Service Company in North Dakota


“By the way. If you’re not subscribed and following Bakken Jobs Guide, you probably should be.” – Scott T. Sidney Montana New Hire with Excavating Company


Subscribing to Bakken Jobs Guide blog is like having a secret weapon.” – Randy M. Tioga, North Dakota, New Hire Water Truck Driver with Regional Trucking Company


“There are only a few individuals I trust to ask advice from. jeffrey happens to be one of the few that gets questions from me frequently.” – Rory V., Dickinson, North

Dakota, New Hire with Commercial Construction Company.


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About Jeffrey Gordon

Jeffrey lives and works in Bismarck North Dakota and has closely followed the Bakken Boom the last couple of years with a goal to provide guidance and coaching to men and women

interested in finding work in the North Dakota Oil Boom.  This website BakkenJobsGuide.com was created in the fall of 2011 as Jeffrey realized that there was a lack of resources for

job seekers to use to get information about the Bakken Boom online, especially current/updated information, including “How To” information, company profiles, and videos. The most

recent addition to the site is a “Job Board” where you can search for available jobs in the North Dakota Oil


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