North Dakota Taxable Sales and Purchases Jump 40 Percent

by Jeffrey Gordon on

taxgraph 3rd qtr 2011 300x170 North Dakota Taxable Sales and Purchases Jump  40 Percent

Graph courtesy of Williston Economic Development.

Bismarck Tribune

Wow, talk about knocking it out of the park!  All those new big rigs and new buildings in western North Dakota I see when I drive around the oil patch are showing up once again in the Taxable Sales reports recently issued for the 3rd quarter.  Now if we can just get some more infrastructure investments from the state to maintain the quality of life in our impacted cities in the western half of the state.

For the 7th out of the last 8 years the Taxable Sales and Purchases in North Dakota in the 3rd quarter have increased over the prior year according to the North Dakota Tax Commission.  “It is more than good,” North Dakota Tax Commissioner Cory Fong said at a news conference Wednesday morning. “It is remarkable.” The impact of the oil industry showed through in Williston recording $721,000,000 in the 3rd quarter making it the leader in North Dakota even surpassing Fargo which recorded $654,000,000 in the 3rd Quarter.  See the entire article here.



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