Glen Ullin Bans New Man Camps, well kinda!

by Jeffrey Gordon on

In a recent article in the Bismarck Tribune there was background on the decision by the Glen Ullin City Council to Ban any new “Man Camps” as the City feels their is no way that the City can support these additional housing units for energy workers.  But, apparently the Glen Ullin City Council did not completely shut the door on dormitory housing.  They left room for such housing in commercial and industrial parts of town which are few and far between and which still would require a case by case review by the City.  Since companies can probably go a couple miles outside of the City limits into the county to build new man camps, this new ordinance probably effectively will stop new “man camp” housing units within the city limits.

sst photos 11 19 2011 1396 300x225 Glen Ullin Bans New Man Camps, well kinda!

Threatened Species, Man Camps Outlawed!

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