Is There Housing Available in the North Dakota Oil Fields?

by Alasdair on

2095620 s 150x150 Is There Housing Available in the North Dakota Oil Fields?The housing situation in and around the oil fields in North Dakota is still very tight.

However, there is a significant amount of building going on to catch up with the explosion in the population.

If you’re heading to North Dakota to look for a job, you’ll want to find housing in advance, even if only temporary housing while you’re looking for work.

You may be able to sleep in your vehicle during the warm summer months, but come Fall and Winter, you’ll need somewhere to stay.

Here are a list of websites and phone numbers for man camps and apartments you can contact:

Man Camps:



  • CenturyApartments: 701-774-1153
  • D & D Rentals: 701-774-3710
  • Golden City Property Management: 701-572-0172
  • Williston Housing Authority: 701-572-2006
  • Park Village Apartments: 701-572-8483
  • Pheasant Run Apartments: 701-770-2627
  • Pineview Apartments: 701-280-9702
  • Prairie Property Management: 218-291-1875
  • Riverside Apartments: 701-770-8704
  • Valley Rental: 701-572-7612
  • Waters Edge: 701-572-2331
  • West View Apartments: 701-572-8191
  • West Wind Townhouses: 701-572-4671
  • Williston Senior Apartment Homes: 800-500-0368

By the way, I heard of one fellow who lived in a homeless shelter while searching for work…and he managed to land a job and then find housing. Now that’s what I call GUTS!

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