Mancamp Tour In North Dakota

by Jeffrey Gordon on

A recent informal video tour of Man Camps North of Williston North Dakota by Basin Electrical staff, a good look at some of Mancamps in Williston, and the northern towns. Also some video on the new Oneok Natural Gas Plant being built.

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kirk April 20, 2012 at

Can you provide me some information on the addresses and phone numbers for the mancamps in the Bakken North Dakota area.


Jeffrey Gordon May 2, 2012 at

My best recoomendation is to check out the Rocking the Bakken and Williston Wire as they would have the most updated resources for man camps, apartments and rv parks for you.

good luck



Richard Green July 6, 2012 at

We specialize in strawbale construction as well as being a manufacturer of equipment to manufacture straw wattles for erosion control. Are there opportunities for producing very energy efficient housing as well as excellent erosion control products which are required for most roads, pipelines, and construction sites?


Alasdair July 11, 2012 at

Hi Richard,

Sorry for taking so long to reply.

I can’t unfortunately give you a definitive answer at the moment, but I will look into the situation more and get back to you.

Hopefully you’ve come up with some answers of your own in the mean time!

All the best,



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