Obama Stalls the XL Pipeline Once Again Over Aquifer Non-Issue

by Jeffrey Gordon on

Heartland Institute Blog


An article on the Heartland Institute blog today includes a map detailing the existing pipelines that already cross this sensitive area in Nebraska which has been the basis apparently for President Obama announcing today that he is denying the permit to the Canadian Company seeking permission to build the pipeline from Canada to the Gulf Coast.

Ignoring the reasonable alternative solutions the President could have discussed and instead of denying the permit suggested alternative routes/meditations we once again see the President cave to the far left green zealots and piss off many Americans and ignore the Private Union Construction employees that wanted to build the pipeline.


Especially check out all the other pipelines already crossing the sensitive Nebraska lands, the aquifer is the violet area.Keystone existing Pipeline Map 190x300 Obama Stalls the XL Pipeline Once Again Over Aquifer Non Issue


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