North Dakota Bakken Job Listings

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2,000 New Oil Wells Coming To North Dakota in 2012

If you are looking for a Job in North Dakota’s Oil Fields there are several great website job boards that can get you started.  Most of them require you to apply for an opening without telling you just how much the pay is, which I find to be a great waste of time.  Thankfully job boards like provide a salary range for most of their listings so you can get a good idea before taking the time to apply.

The most comprehensive site is probably the North Dakota State Job Service site reportedly with 17,000 openings and 1/3rd of them in the oil business, it would prefer you to register, but it does allow guest use as well.  Many of the jobs posted will require you to be registered in order to get the contact information for the company, so I suggest you go ahead and register.  What it may lack in useability (it seems to only allow you to expand one job posting at a time to get all the job details, if I try to expand two or more jobs at the same time it will not let me see the 2nd job details?

it likely makes up for some of this by usually having the largest number of listings.  The state has some excellent resources for newcomers, check out this checklist.

Montana also has a State Job Board and like North Dakota, its depth seems to make up for its useability.

These sites are privately owned and all have job listings on them.




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