There Are Still Plenty of Jobs in the Bakken

by Alasdair on

The simple answer is YES.

A quick scan of the news from North Dakota shows headlines like, “Online job openings in the state were 43.3 percent higher than one year ago and totaled 20,979″ and “North Dakota’s July unemployment rate was 2.9 percent”!

And Lynn Helms, the director of North Dakota’s mineral resources department, claims that North Dakota is now the second biggest oil producer in the US, and that there are 35,000 wells left to drill in the Bakken. 35,000!!

So yes, there are lots of jobs available in the Bakken, and not just oil jobs. Lots of infrastructure jobs. So many jobs in fact, that companies are having trouble hiring enough qualified people apparently.

BUT, the major bottleneck is still the lack of housing. However, there seems to be good news on the horizon in that regard. A number of new housing estates are being built and will be ready in 2013, so that should ease the situation somewhat.

We will have some more info in the near future on the best way to find a job there, but in the meantime, check out our job board.

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