North Dakota Oil Boom Desperately Seeks Workers!

by Jeffrey Gordon on

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A recent article in Media Marketplace listed numerous highlights on the booming North Dakota economy and shortage of workers that is leading to surging rents/housing prices and six figure wages for blue collar workers working in and around the North Dakota Oil Fields.

“Oil companies raced to North Dakota and suddenly Helms went from processing about one oil drilling permit a week, to about 20 per day. And every one of those permits means jobs. In the last few years, North Dakota has added 35,000 oil jobs. The State’s Entire population is only 630,000, which is why, pretty much overnight, North Dakota found itself dealing with a massive labor shortage. One Halliburton executive even went on Jim Cramer’s Mad Money show on CNBC and begged workers to come.

HALLIBURTON’S JIM BROWN ON CNBC’S MAD MONEY: You got a high school education you can come to work for this organization, that job will pay $125 to 130,000 per year.”


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