“It feels like the old times, the American way. It feels Alive here!”

by Jeffrey Gordon on

Just read a good article in the Bismarck Tribune about two women from Joseph, Oregon/Clarkston, Washington running a little food shack next to the water truck depot outside of Killdeer North Dakota in the middle of the Bakken Basin.  Just another example of two folks who left their homes to seek work and satisfaction in the Bakken Basin Oil Fields.  As you read the article it is apparent these two ladies realize that providing good food and a warm welcome is greatly appreciated by the North Dakota Truck Drivers hauling water in the oil fields 16 hours a day–getting out of their truck to enjoy  one, two and even three home cooked meals a day is obviously one of the highlights of the truck drivers day!

As challenging as the long days and dangerous winter conditions can be for North Dakota water truck drivers, good old American neighborly ways can go a long ways to make folks feel home even when they are away from home!sst photos 11 19 2011 030 150x150 It feels like the old times, the American way. It feels Alive here!


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