Find a $60k-100k/Yr North Dakota Job!


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2,000 New Oil Wells Coming To North Dakota in 2012

As surprising as it might seem with all the national media coverage of the North Dakota Bakken Oil Boom, there are still thousands of open jobs just waiting to be filled by hard working men and women from all over the state and North America.

If you would like to see what different North Dakota Oil Fields Jobs are typically available and how much they pay visit our North Dakota Oil Field Job Descriptions page and click on any of the Job Description Names to search for currently posted jobs.

Here at Bakken Jobs Guide we can provide you with the most up-to-date list of companies searching desperately for good workers to come to the North Dakota and the Bakken Basin and work hard and long hours and make great money. Many folks are making $80-$100k per year working in the oil fields of North Dakota right now.

We have been compiling the names of as many of the companies currently looking for help in the Bakken along with their phone numbers, email addresses and online Job sites to help you get your resumes into them even before you come to the Bakken.

It is possible to apply for work here before you arrive, and it has also been possible to arrive here and be working within weeks if not days of your arrival in good paying jobs with maximum hours. With most of the action here in North Dakota for Oil Jobs the challenge for most job seekers who decide to come up here before they have a job is securing housing when you first arrive. But, don’t worry, companies and developers are working around the clock to build new housing units to make sure the new workers coming here will have shelter.

If you would like to receive our free list of Bakken Companies please send an email to and request our “Bakken Company List”. We can email it to you as soon as we get your request. Or click on the Contact Us link in the navigation menu above and give us a call on the phone.

Good luck in your quest for work in the Bakken Boom!

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