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Bakken Gas Flaring

We are working hard to develop a deep resource directory for you to use in your search for a great job in North Dakota and Montana’s Bakken Oil Boom.  One of the biggest challenges in creating this resource is that the scale of what is happening right now is huge and trying to keep up with all the new information let alone gather up everything else is keeping us all up late! It would be of great help to let us know what specific information you are looking for in regards to your research into the Bakken. Just email us at and tell us the most important information you really need and we will get about gathering for you.

To help you get started in understanding the Bakken, check out these resources.

Bakken Job Sites/Boards:

For a list of online job postings check out our list here.

Bakken Job Descriptions:

Check out Our North Dakota Current Job Descriptions and Postings List to get more information on just some of the thousands of open Oil Field Jobs in North Dakota.

For a great background on the Geological side with some excellent maps check out EPRINC’s Bakken backgrounder.

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