Bakken Housing

Mancamp Tour In North Dakota

February 11, 2012

<a href=””>Jobs</a> by Indeed A recent informal video tour of Man Camps North of Williston North Dakota by Basin Electrical staff, a good look at some of Mancamps in Williston, and the northern towns. Also some video on the new Oneok Natural Gas Plant being built.

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Williston North Dakota Sees Record Construction Permits Issued in 2011–$357,000,000!

December 22, 2011

In spite of a challenging winter/spring in the state The City of Williston North Dakota is going to issue more than $357,000,000 in building permits in 2011. This is more than three times the permits issued in all of 2010, which was more than $105,000,000. Thankfully a new record in housing permits was issued this […]

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Bakken Basin Cheap Housing in Historic Bunkhouse

December 18, 2011

Bismarck Tribune A nice article recently in the Bismarck Tribune about a truck driver/artist who has found himself staying long beyond his original plans in Marmarth North Dakota in a town of approximately 1,500 people.  He has found very cheap housing in an historic bunkhouse used over many years by railroad workers and oil workers.  […]

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City of Williston North Dakota Working Hard to Find Housing For City Workers

December 16, 2011

An article today in the Bismarck Tribune discussing efforts by City of Williston North Dakota officials to create more housing options for current and future employees of the City.  With prices for apartments, and house rentals skyrocketing this last year and one half, Williston knows it has to invest in apartments so that new employees […]

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Glen Ullin Bans New Man Camps, well kinda!

December 13, 2011

In a recent article in the Bismarck Tribune there was background on the decision by the Glen Ullin City Council to Ban any new “Man Camps” as the City feels their is no way that the City can support these additional housing units for energy workers.  But, apparently the Glen Ullin City Council did not […]

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Tight Williston North Dakota Housing Market Forces North Dakota Game and Fish to Ask for Travel Trailers

December 11, 2011

A recent article in the Bismarck Tribune mentioned that the North Dakota Game and Fish Department is asking the Williams County Commissioners for permission to put trailers on their property near Williston so that their employees have a home to live in.  With less flexibility to raise salaries and benefits than private companies the State, […]

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Bakken Housing Crunch Continues in Williston N.D.

October 22, 2011

There have been a couple of articles this week about the owner of a Williston Motel increasing her rents very substantially which resulted in a lot of upset tenants and their families facing up to 50% rent increases.  There is no doubt the “boom town” mentality is most prevalent in Williston the current center of […]

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North Dakota Oil Boom Desperately Seeks Workers!

October 12, 2011

American Public Media Marketplace   A recent article in Media Marketplace listed numerous highlights on the booming North Dakota economy and shortage of workers that is leading to surging rents/housing prices and six figure wages for blue collar workers working in and around the North Dakota Oil Fields. “Oil companies raced to North Dakota and suddenly […]

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